Black Label Series - FRUGÉ Original

Formulated and Produced in Singapore

FRUGÉ Bioactive Collagen Hydrating Cream

For Hand & Body

Infused with Frugé natural Bioactive Collagen, Frugé Hydrating Cream repairs and protects the skin from daily environment stressors.

  • Light, non-greasy formulation

  • Repair dry and irritated skin

  • Shield and strengthens skin’s barrier against city pollutants

  • Free from fragrance and artificial colors

1 for $28

2 for $50

FRUGÉ Bioactive Collagen Hydrating Soap

A gentle formulation with bioactive collagen that will does not dry out your skin.

While the daily soap you use is efficient at cleaning your skin, it may be stripping your skin clean of natural oils as well. Daily stripping of these oils can potentially result in a broken skin barrier and moisture loss in your skin. Undesirable microorganisms can easily enter the skin, resulting in inflammation and pain.


Frugé Bioactive Collagen Hydrating soap aims to hydrate your skin while cleaning.

1 for $9 (50g Soap)

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Elton, male, user of Frugé Hydrating Cream (Black Label Series)

"Easy to apply and helps precent ecezma and cures the itch. Pump bottle makes it easy to use. Simply love it!"